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Forms architecture

The forms engine consists of four major parts:
  • Form service
  • Form component
  • Form configuration
  • JavaScript formUI component, which includes the forms runtime

The following diagram shows a high-level architecture diagram of the forms engine.

The forms runtime is responsible for the execution of a form. It manages all input, validation (client or call-back), events, submission, and it consists of a small, lightweight JavaScript library. An unobtrusive JavaScript pattern is used, where behavior is added to the HTML form elements when the page loads. The forms runtime provides the following capabilities:

  • Mandatory property handling
  • Validation (enforceable at submission, as the user types or when a field loses focus), which includes:
    • Regular expression matching
    • String length
    • Email address
    • Is number
    • Numeric range
    • Date range
    • List of values
  • Repeating fields (for handling multi-valued properties)