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Working with content outside the library

While the Document Library is the focal point for working with content in Alfresco, there are also a few other areas available to you.

Each of these areas can be accessed wherever you are in Alfresco, from the links at the top of the screen.

The My Files and Shared Files areas are locations with Alfresco, whereas the Repository is an overview of everything in Alfresco.

  • My Files: This is an area that only you can access. No-one else can see the content here and every user has their own, unique My Files area. It's great for saving draft content to, removing the need for trying to remember where you saved it on your laptop, or was it saved to your mobile...
  • Shared Files: This area can be accessed by everyone in your organization. It's a great way to quickly share content with other users that's not ready to be uploaded to a site yet.
  • Repository: The area lets you view all Alfresco content you have access to - all the sites, all the system files, everything is available here. You can work just as you would in a site Document Library but here you have a higher view of everything that's available. It's also very handy for Alfresco administrators who want to work with system files.