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Getting Started

Alfresco Web Quick Start is a sample web application built on the Alfresco WCM platform. It provides an end-to-end WCM example including an authoring and publishing environment using Alfresco Share and a web application built using Spring MVC, Spring Surf, and OpenCMIS. The website is delivered dynamically using Alfresco as a CMIS runtime.

The primary design goals of the Quick Start application are to illustrate the power of the Alfresco WCM platform in an easy-to-install package and to provide developers with a strong starting point for their Alfresco implementations. Both of these goals are fundamentally aimed at getting both business people and developers up and running with the Alfresco WCM platform in as short a time as possible. The Alfresco core product has not been changed in any way; it has simply been extended using the many standard hooks provided by the Alfresco product. As such, this user help is an extension of the core Share user help and does not replace it.

The content, layout, and design of the Quick Start demo website is managed by Alfresco Share. Alfresco Web Editor is available for in-context editing on some website pages.

This help assumes you are familiar with Alfresco Share.