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Tips for getting the most out of Alfresco

This section lists the recommended tips for improving your experience of Alfresco.

  1. Allow sufficient time to plan your project and identify the most optimal path for you.
  2. Benchmark the system you want to use to ensure you can tune it for best performance and high availability before you go live.
  3. Ensure customizations occur using the <extensions> and <web-extensions> directories, and/or AMP files to help smooth upgrade and debugging processes.
  4. Discover more about FreeMarker templates. You can create custom views for your spaces, and email templates to fit your organization, among other things.
  5. Discover more about web scripts. This requires some, but not extensive, technical knowledge, and is very powerful.
  6. Use a space template to create reusable components and enable business processes.
  7. Leverage the CIFS interface to easily integrate with existing applications using drag and drop.
  8. For Microsoft shops, Microsoft Office integration makes adoption of Alfresco seamless.
  9. Email integration provides simple and safe way to store emails inside the Alfresco repository.
  10. Coordinate with Alfresco on short-term consulting. This allows you and/or your System Integrator to work with Alfresco on architecture and planning.
  11. Take advantage of the support for multiple security protocols, which makes it suitable for large enterprises.
  12. Take advantage of Alfresco training. Get the knowledge and information you need to make your implementation successful.