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Glossary terms starting with the letter N.

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A namespace is an abstract container providing context for the items it holds and allowing items to have the same name (residing in different namespaces). Alfresco namespaces start with

The top-level namespace sub-divisions are: model, identify an Alfresco data model; view, identify a view of content held in the Alfresco repository; ws, identify an Alfresco web service definition; test, identify a test definition.

A node is an overall term for an item of content or a folder. API methods are available to work with a node's comments, tags, and ratings. A node in the content repository must be of a single type, but can be attached to one or more aspects. The aspects are either inherited from its type (as defined in the content model), or can be attached or detached at runtime, allowing a node to dynamically inherit features and capabilities.
A noderef is the unique identifier for a node. It consists of a store identifier and a unique ID.
NT LAN Manager
NT LAN Manager (NTLM) is a set of Microsoft security protocols that provide network authentication.
See NT LAN Manager.