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The context object provides a single point of reference for information about the user, the current rendering page, template, and other context. It provides this information so that individual rendering pieces do not need to calculate it themselves.

Each unit of work within the rendering pipeline is provided with a context object. This render context object is local to the currently rendering object instance but wraps the context of the original request to the page. The wrapped request context object is manufactured at the top of the request chain and is then made available to all templates, regions, components, chromes, and anything else downstream.

The request context object provides the following properties.

Type Description
contentId The ID of the content being rendered. Available if the dispatcher is rendering a page for a given content object ID.
content The content being rendered. Available if the dispatcher is rendering a page for a given content object ID. For example:
var pageTitle =;
var userFullName = context.user.fullName;
var contentTitle =["title"];
var customValue =["customValue"];
resource Returns the content resource currently being rendered.
id The internally managed ID for the current request Each request has a unique ID available to it that is guaranteed unique for each request. It is generally only used for debugging purposes.
pageId The ID of the page being rendered.
page The page object being rendered.

The ID of the template being rendered.

template The template object being rendered.
user The current user.
themeId The current theme ID.

The current theme object.

formatId The format ID for the current request.
properties Associative array of all context values.
authenticated Returns true if there is a non-guest current user.
externalAuthentication Returns true if external authentication, such as NTLM, is being used to manage the user.
siteConfiguration Returns the site configuration as a ScriptModelObject.
linkBuilder Returns the ScriptLinkBuilder instance for the current request.
websiteTitle Returns the website title.
uri Returns the URI.
rootPage Returns the root page for the site.
previewWebappId Returns the web app ID.
previewStoreId Returns store ID.
previewUserId Returns user ID.
frameworkTitle Returns the framework title.
frameworkVersion Returns the framework version.
parameters Returns a key-value map of parameters in the incoming request.
attributes Returns attributes.
headers Returns headers.
properties The object properties. Includes: sub-component, _alf_request_cache HASH surfBugEnabled false chromeless no component-chrome HASH webTemplateRendererScriptResults HASH region-scope-id page region-id component-2-1 tagLibRenderType tagLibSubComponentRendering htmlid page_x002e_component-2-1_x002e_user_x007e_admin_x007e_dashboard_x0023_default component HASH currentRenderer component-id page.component-2-1.user~admin~dashboard region-source-id user/admin/dashboard editionInfo HASH