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Surf root-scoped objects

There are a number of root-scoped API objects available. Depending on the context of the object being processed (such as a page, template, or component), the objects available will differ slightly. For instance, when a page is the current context, the "config" object will not be available as there is no configuration at the page level. The context for rendering will be one of: the current page, the template for the page, or a component bound within the template.

Following is the complete list of Surf platform root-scope objects.

Type Description
context The request context of the current page. This object is always available.
user The current user. This object is always available.
content The current content instance. This object is available if the dispatcher is rendering a page for a given content object ID.
page Information relating to the current page object. This object is available for pages, templates, and components within a page.
template The template for the current page. This object is available for templates and components within the template.
config An object representing component level XML configuration.
theme The current theme ID string. This object is always available.
instance The currently rendering model object (along with rendering context). This object is always available and will be one of a page, template, or component.
sitedata Utility for working with the Surf platform object model. This object is always available.
remote The Web Script Framework remote helper object. This object is available for Web script components. It provides a simple API for making remote HTTP RESTful calls from web tier JavaScript and retrieving the response content and status code.
locale The current locale for the user request thread, as a string in Java Locale format.
htmlid The page unique HTML ID string.
url URL model for the current page request.
head Concatenated component .head template output.
app Helper object for dealing with the web application's environment.
msg FreeMarker method object to resolve internationalization message IDs into label strings.