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Creating a new transfer target for content replication

The transfer service stores files that control and monitor the operation of the transfer service in the Transfers space in the Data Dictionary.

The Transfer Target Groups space contains the transfer target definitions that specify where transfers go to. There is a group level below the folder which is used to classify different sets of transfer targets. There is only a single group called Default Group.

You can add transfer targets by creating a new transfers folder.

  1. Create a folder in Company Home > Data Dictionary > Transfers > Transfer Target Groups > Default Group.
  2. A rule defined on the Default Group folder specializes the type of any folder created within it.

    The type is set to trx:transferTarget, which you can then complete through the user interface. The new node contains the properties you can fill in through the user interface to set up your target.

  3. Create a new folder within the Default Group folder.

    You will be prompted to specify the name, title, and description of the new folder.

    1. In the New Folder window, specify the name, title, and description of the new folder.
  4. Click Edit Properties.
  5. Specify the Endpoint Host, Endpoint Port, Username and Password, and click Enabled and Save.

    For example; Endpoint host: localhost, Endpoint port: 9080, Username: admin, Password: admin

  6. Change the Endpoint Path from /alfresco/service/api/transfer to /alfresco-ftr/service/api/transfer.

    This corresponds to the alfresco-ftr.war file that comes in the FSTR zip.

  7. Check  Enabled.
  8. Click Save.
  9. To change the type of transfer target folder to File Transfer Target, follow the steps below:
    1. Click View Details.
    2. Click Change Type.

      The Change Type window appears.

    3. Select File Transfer Target from the New Type drop-down list.

      You will not notice any changes immediately.

    4. Click Edit Properties.

      A Root Folder appears. This folder can be used to select the files to transfer. If you do not select a Root Folder, the replication job will run, but no files will be transferred.

    If you do not change the type of the transfer target to File Transfer Target, you may get exception messages.

  10. Create a replication job to test the target setup.
    1. In Alfresco Share, click More > Replication Jobs from the menu.
    2. Click Create Job.
    3. Specify properties for Name, Payload Select, Transfer Target Select and click Enabled.

      Transfer Target Select must be the folder that you created in step 3.

    4. Click Run.
    5. Refresh the screen after a few minutes to see a status change.