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Managing tags

Tags can be added to content within the Document Library. Use the Tag Manager page to view, edit, and delete all the tags that have been created by users.
  1. Click Admin Tools, and then click Tag Manager.

    The Tag Manager page shows a list of the tags that have been created, the name of the user who created or modified the tag, and the date on which the change was made.

    If there are no tags in the system, you see the message: No tags found.

    When you hover over the right hand Actions column, you see the available action icons for: Edit tag (Edit) and Delete tag (Delete).

    1. To edit a tag, click the Edit tag icon, edit the tag name in the Rename Tag field, and then click OK.
    2. To delete a tag, click the Delete tag icon, and then click Delete to confirm that you wish to delete the tag.

      The tag is deleted from the system and removed from any content where it was previously tagged.

  2. Click the tag name to see a list of the repository content that uses this tag.
  3. Click the user name to see the profile of the user who last modified the tag.
See Tagging and categorizing content for more about using tags.