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Locating the audit code

This section describes the location of audit code.
  1. For DEBUG logging, to see which data is being produced, rejected, or recorded, enable DEBUG for:
  2. For JUnit code, the unit test code demonstrates use of the Audit APIs and configuration:

    • alfresco-audit-test-authenticationservice.xml: This is used by the test to capture both successful and unsuccessful login attempts in the audit data.
    • testAuditAuthenticationService: This demonstrates the use of the auditSearch method.
  3. For Records Management (DOD5015) and auditing, the module pulls in audit data from the 'AuthenticationService' but adds more data around the individual actions that take place during Records Management processes.

    • RecordsManagementAuditServiceImpl$RMAuditTxnListener: This transaction listener generates Records Management-specific data for events (it is a Data Producer). It generates node property deltas.
    • config/alfresco/module/org_alfresco_module_dod5015/audit/rm-audit.xml: This defines how the data produced by the AuthenticationService and the Records Management module is persisted. There are some custom DataGenerators and DataRecorders.
    • RecordsManagementAuditServiceImpl.getAuditTrailImpl: This method demonstrates how the Records Management use-case searches the audit data. Further query extensions are required to extend the search filters available using the auditQuery API.