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Refreshing the backup Lucene indexes (optional)

This is an optional step before initiating a hot backup.

  1. Trigger a Lucene index backup using JMX, and it can be done several ways, including using:

    The backup can be done in several ways, including:

    • VisualVM
    • JConsole (MBeans tab -gt Alfresco/Schedule/DEFAULT/MonitoredCronTrigger/indexBackupTrigger/Operations - executeNow button)
    • Command line
    Note: During the creation of the backup Lucene indexes, the system is placed in read-only mode, which could last several minutes depending on the size of the Lucene indexes.
  2. After completing this operation, the backup-lucene-indexes directory contains an up-to-date cold copy of the Lucene indexes, ready to be backed up.