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Browsing blog posts

The browsing feature in the blog lets you filter the posts so you can easily navigate the blog content.

The explorer panel on the left side of the Blog lets you display a subset of the blog posts by selecting a specific view, a period of time (month), or a tag.

The Posts list in the browsing pane provides the following views:

Displays all posts in the blog
Displays the internally published posts created or edited in the past seven days
My Drafts
Displays the posts created by the current user that are saved as drafts (not yet published)
My Published
Displays the posts created and internally published by the current user
Published Externally
Displays all posts that have been published to an external blog

The Archives list organizes posts by month and year.

The Tags list displays all tags currently associated with one or more blog posts. The number following the tag tells you how many blog posts are associated with the tag.

To browse the blog posts:
  1. In the Blog select an option in the explorer panel:
    1. In the Posts list click a view to display the blog posts in the current site that correspond to that selection.
    2. In the Archives list click a date to display the blog posts in the current site published during the month and year selected.
    3. In the Tags list click the tag you're interested in to display all posts in the current site associated with that tag.
  2. Click Simple View to display only the basic blog post information: title, date/time of publishing, and author.

    Click Detailed View to display the summary view.