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Accessing the blog

Access the blog to view all published blog posts for the current site. You can also see your own unpublished (draft) posts.
In the blog you can write new posts and you can edit, publish, and delete posts that you previously created. You can also add comments to other members' blog posts.
  1. In a site click More then Blog.

    Note: In each site the feature names can be customized. If the site manager has done this, the link may have a name other than Blog.

    This opens the blog. The main page defaults to the Latest view so you see a list of the internally published posts that have been created or edited in the past seven days. The summary includes the following details (where applicable):

    • the post title followed by related status indicators
    • the date and time the post was published
    • the user who created the post
    • a link to the external post
    • a sample of the content
    • the number of replies to the post
    • the tags associated with the post

    Where the list contains more posts than can be displayed on a single page, navigation links become enabled at the top and bottom of the item list. The number in bold indicates your current page. Click a page number to display a specific page. Use the previous (<<) and next (>>) links to move forward and backward through multiple pages of posts.

  2. Click Simple View to display only the basic blog post information: title, date/time of publishing, and author.

    Click Detailed View to display the summary view.