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Creating a blog post

Create a new blog post to add information or a commentary related to the current site.
When you create a new post you can save it as a draft without publishing it or you can immediately publish it to the current site’s blog. This makes it available for other site users to view and comment on. You also have the option of publishing the post to both the internal blog and an external blog at the same time. You can always publish externally as a separate action at another time.
  1. Click New Post.

    The Create Blog Post page appears.

  2. Type a Title for the post.
  3. Type your content in the Text box.

    Use the features provided to format the text; insert bulleted and numbered lists; change the font color; and insert or edit links, anchors, and images. To assist with editing, use the undo, redo, and remove formatting features as needed. Additional features are also provided; position the cursor over an icon to display its function.

    Click and drag the bottom right corner to resize the text editor.

  4. Optionally, add existing or create new tags for the blog post.

    The newly associated tags appear beneath the text editor. Click a tag to remove it.

  5. Save or publish the new blog post:
    • Click Save as Draft to save the post without publishing it. The post will not appear in the post list.
    • Click Publish Internally to publish the post to the internal blog, making it available for other users of this site.
    • Click Publish Internally and Externally to publish the post to both the internal and external blogs.

    The new post appears as users will see it. The text (Draft) appears after the title if the post remains unpublished. The text (Published) appears after the title once the post has been published externally.

  6. Click Blog Post List to return to the main view.