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Viewing a blog post

Browsing the blog displays the existing posts in the main view. These posts display in either a summary view or a simple list. Viewing a post lets you to see the full contents of the post.
Although you can perform actions on a post from the main page, viewing a post lets you confirm you have selected the correct post before performing an irreversible action, such as deleting the post. While both the simple view and the detailed view display all available actions, you must view a post in order to add a comment to it.
  1. Browse the blog posts to locate the post you want to view.
  2. Click the title of the post or click Read beneath the post.

    Note: If the main page displays the simple view you must click the title of the post.

    The post view displays the selected blog post in its entirety along with any related comments.

  3. Click Blog Post List to return to the main view.