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Browsing the calendar

The main view defaults to a calendar displaying the current month. The explorer panel to the left provides another calendar for navigating the months without affecting the main view.
  1. In the calendar use the navigation buttons to change the main calendar view:
    1. Use the Day, Week, and Month buttons to change the main display to a daily, weekly, or monthly view.
    2. Use the Previous Previous and Next Next buttons to move forward and backward through the calendar, either a day, week, or month at a time, depending on the current view.
    3. Click Agenda to view a list of the upcoming events scheduled for this site.
    4. Click Today to display the current date.

      By default the Day and Week views display only the working hours. Click the Show working hours Show all hours icon to display the full day.

  2. Use the calendar in the browsing pane to navigate through the months without affecting the main view.
    1. Click Previous to display the previous month.
    2. Click Next to display the next month.
    3. Click This Month beneath the calendar to reset it to the current month. The current day and any dates with scheduled events are highlighted.
  3. Click a date on the browsing pane calendar to load the selected date on the calendar in the main view.
  4. Click a tag in the Tags list to display only the events associated with that tag.

    Click Show All Items to display all events.

  5. Click an event in the calendar to view its full details.
  6. Click iCal Feed in the header to use the calendar data exchange.