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Creating a new topic

Create a new topic to start a discussion relevant to the current site. All site members will have access to this content.
  1. In the Discussion feature click New Topic.

    The Create New Topic page appears.

  2. Type a Title for the topic.
  3. Type the topic content in the Text box.

    Use the features provided to format the text; insert bulleted and numbered lists; change the font color; and insert or edit links, anchors, and images. To assist with editing, use the undo, redo, and remove formatting features as needed. Additional features are also provided; position the cursor over an icon to display its function.

    Click and drag the bottom right corner to resize the text editor.

  4. Optionally, add existing or create new tags for the discussion topic.

    The newly associated tags appear beneath the Text box. Click a tag to remove it.

  5. Click Save.

    The new topic appears as users will see it.

  6. Click Discussions Topic List to return to the main view.