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Replying to a discussion

Reply to a topic to take part in the discussion. You can reply to the original discussion topic or any replies already created for that topic. Each reply is nested to visually indicate the discussion flow.
  1. In the Discussions feature click the name of a topic to open it.

    The topic view displays the selected topic in its entirety along with any existing replies.

  2. Click Reply.
  3. Type your content in the Add Reply box.

    Use the features provided to format the text; insert bulleted and numbered lists; change the font color; and insert or edit links, anchors, and images. To assist with editing, use the undo, redo, and remove formatting features as needed. Additional features are also provided; position the cursor over an icon to display its function.

    Click and drag the bottom right corner to resize the text editor.

  4. Click Create.
The reply appears beneath and indented from its parent topic or reply.