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Changing the field label position

By default, forms are rendered with the field labels positioned above the input control.

To change this layout, provide a custom CSS to override the default style rules. Control dependencies can be provided via custom configuration.

  1. Add the custom CSS in the custom-label-layout.css file, located in the /custom/forms directory within the web application.
  2. Add the following configuration:

             <css src="/custom/forms/custom-label-layout.css" />
  3. To move the labels to the left of the input control, the following CSS should be present in the custom-label-layout.css file:

    .form-container label
       display: inline;
       float: left;
       text-align: right;
       width: 6em;
       margin-right: 1em;
       margin-top: 0.4em;
  4. Save the file.

    The result of this customization is shown as: