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Organizing folders

The Library section of the explorer panel displays the folder structure for the current site. A new site contains only the root folder, Documents. Add new folders here to create or add to the library structure.
You can also create folders from templates set up by your Alfresco administrator by clicking Create then Create folder from template.
  1. In the document library explorer panel choose where you want to add a folder.

    You'll create a new folder in the folder highlighted in the panel. If you don't select a folder in the panel then the new folder will be created at the current location shown in the item list.

  2. Click Create then Folder.
  3. Enter a name for the folder.

    The folder name does not support the following special characters: * " < > \ / . ? : and |. When the name contains a disallowed character the Save button is disabled.

    Note: The folder name can include a period as long as it is not the last character.
  4. Add a title and description for the folder.
  5. Click Save.
You'll see the new folder in the explorer panel.