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Copying content

You can copy content between Alfresco locations, within a site or across different sites.
  1. In a site library find the item or folder you want to copy.

    When you copy a folder, you also copy its contents.

  2. Hover over an item/folder and click Copy to.

    Tip: In some views you'll need to click the Information icon information icon.

    Note: You're copying only the current version. The version history and comments are not carried over with the content.
  3. Choose the site and folder where you want to place a copy of the content.

    Note: You can only copy content to sites that you have permission to access.
  4. Click Copy.

    A copy of the content is created. This is considered a new item so appears as version 1.0, with you as the creator.

You can move multiple items at once by selecting them and using the Move to option on the Selected Items menu.