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Editing Microsoft Office content online

You can edit Microsoft Office content without having to save it to your computer first. An invisible check-out action makes sure items stay protected (locked) in the library while you're editing them. When you finish editing the item, it's invisibly checked back in so the updated version is available to other users.
Important: If you're working on a Mac then make sure you've updated to the latest minor version number of Microsoft Office. If you have an older version installed then you might have problems opening documents.

Mac users should also be aware that MS Office and Chrome are not currently integrated on a Mac, so it's recommended that you use a browser other the Chrome if you'll be working with MS Office.

  1. Hover over an item in the library and click More then Edit Online.

    If the Edit Online action isn't available check to make sure that:

    • You have the site permission to edit the file. Consumers can only view a file.
    • You're modifying an Office 2003 or greater file
    • Your browser is supported (Internet Explorer is recommended).

    If you still cannot see the Edit Online action, contact your Alfresco administrator to enable it for you.

    A warning box appears prompting you to be sure the content can be trusted.

  2. Click OK to open the document.

    Note: If prompted for login credentials, type your user name and password, then click OK.

    The document opens in a separate window. In the library refresh the page to see the lock icon associated with the file.

    Important: If the file opens in Read-Only format contact your system administrator.
  3. Edit the content.

    The version in the library is updated each time you save your work. The version number reflects that a minor change was made.

  4. When you're done, save your work and close the file.