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Publishing content

The publishing feature lets you deliver library content to Flickr, YouTube, and SlideShare. When you publish the selected content you can also publicize the event by posting a message through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Your Alfresco administrator must have set up publishing channels before you can publish content.
  1. Hover over an item in the library and click More then Publish.

    The Publish [name] dialog box opens.

    Note: A message informs you if there are no channels available for publishing the selected content (see Allowable content types).
  2. Open the Select channel list and click the appropriate publishing channel.

    Alfresco stops you publishing content to an inappropriate channel. Only the channels appropriate for the selected content type are available.

  3. Complete the Status Update section to post a message about this publishing event.

    Note: This section appears only if an appropriate publishing channel is available.
    1. In the Update on list, select the channels where you want to post your message. Click a channel once to select it; click a selected channel to deselect it.

      Tip: To select all items click Select and then All at the top of this list. To clear the currently selected channels click Select and then None.
    2. Type your message in the field provided.
    3. Select the Include link to file check box to include a link in your message to the content being published. The link will not appear in the text box but will be added to your message when it is posted.

      Note: The information to the right of the Message field indicates the number of characters used by the link and the number still available for your message. The character limit varies between channels. When you select multiple channels of varying types, the value for the channel with the lowest character limit is displayed.
  4. Click Publish.

    A message lets you know that the content has been placed in a publishing queue. Click the link provided to display the details page.

    The Publishing History section on the details page displays the publishing event with a version number, the channel where it was published, and the job status. Once complete the status displays Published. Refresh the page as necessary to update the status.