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Viewing an item

You view an item on the Document Details page without having to download it to your computer. All item details and actions are available on this one page.
  1. In the document library click an item name or thumbnail to display the Document Details page.

    The left side of the page displays the preview pane. Above this you see the basic item information: the item location, item name, version number, the user who last modified the item, and the date/time of the modification. An icon to the left of these details indicates the file type.

    Note: When the content item does not have a file type extension or the extension is not recognized, a generic icon is displayed.

    The actions Favorite, Like, and Comment let you add the item to your My Favorites list, like the item, or add a comment to it. After you favorite or like an item, you always have the option of undoing the action. Counters tell you how many people have liked the content and the number of comments added.

    The Share action generates a short URL that you can use to quickly share the item with anyone.

    The right side of the page displays the details for the selected item, as well as all of the actions you can perform. The information and actions are grouped in sections that you can expand and collapse.

    The comments display beneath the preview. The most recent comment is at the top of the list.

  2. When the content item contains more than one page, you can use the navigation tools to move through the pages.
  3. You can resize the preview as needed using the sizing tools above the preview.

    Tip: If you select Maximize then press ESC in the maximized view to return to the details page.
  4. Expand and collapse the sections on the right side of the page to view the information that interests you.

    The viewing configuration you set on this page will be used each time you open a details page. These preferences are saved until you change them.

    Document Actions

    Displays all actions available for the item.

    • Click an option in the Document Actions list to perform that action on the item.


    Lists the tags associated with the item. From here you can:

    • Click the Edit Tags icon to display the Edit Properties page. On this page click Select beneath the Tags label to edit the tag associations. You can add and remove existing tags, and create new tags.


    Displays the URL for the current page.

    • Select and copy this link to share it with other users via email or instant messaging. You can also paste the link in other site content, such as a wiki page, blog posting, or discussion topic, to direct site members to this page.


    Displays the basic properties for the current item.

    Click the Edit Properties icon to edit the properties of this item, including the tags. This opens the Edit Properties page.


    Displays information about content that has been synchronized to Alfresco in the cloud.


    Displays the permissions for this item.

    • Click the Manage Permissions icon to edit the permissions for this item.


    Displays a list of tasks that this item is included in. The profile picture of the user who started the task is displayed, as well as the task type.

    • Click the Start Workflow icon to start a new task for this item.
    • Click the task description to display the Details page for the selected task. From here you can manage the task.

    Version History

    Displays the details for previous versions

    • Click the Upload New Version icon to update the item with content from your computer.
    • Click the Revert icon to replace the current version of the document with the content of an earlier version.
    • Click the Download icon to save a copy of an earlier version of the document to your computer.
    • Click the View Properties icon to display the properties for a specific version of the item.

    Publishing History

    Displays the details for previous publishing history.

  5. Item comments are beneath the preview pane. Here you can add a comment, as well as edit and delete comments added by you.

    The comment list displays the ten most recent comments. When the list contains more comments than can be displayed on the page, navigation links are available at the top and bottom of the list. The number in bold indicates your current page. Click a page number to display a specific page. Use the previous (<<) and next (>>) links to move forward and backward through the pages.

  6. When you're finished on this page you can click on the breadcrumb at the top of the page to return to the item list.