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Managing tasks

Tasks assigned to you appear in two places: the My Tasks personal dashlet and the My Tasks page. Each task stays assigned to you until you complete or reassign it.
  1. Click Tasks then My Tasks.
  2. Hover over a task and click Edit Task.

    The Edit Task page appears displaying the task details. The actions available on this page depend on the task type.

    Tip: You can also access this page from the My Tasks dashlet: click the Edit Task icon.
  3. Manage the selected task in one or more of the following ways:
    • Update: If the task is in progress but not yet complete, you can change the task status and add a comment indicating your progress. Remember to click Save and Close. The task stays assigned to you.
    • Reassign: Click Reassign and use the search field provided to find a user. Click Select to the right of a user to reassign the task to that person.
    • Approve or Reject: When you're done with a task you can update the task status, add a comment indicating the work done, and then click either Approve or Reject. The task returns to the user who started the workflow and no longer appears in your task list.
    • Claim: Click Claim to take responsibility for a pooled task. This action is available only for pooled tasks that are unassigned.
    • Release to Pool: Click Release to Pool to place a task back in the pool. The task will appear in the task list as Unassigned and can be claimed by another user. This action is available only for pooled tasks that are currently owned by you.
    • Add: Click Add beneath the Items list to locate and select content items to add to the task. This action is available only for Adhoc tasks.
    • Task Done: When you complete a task it returns to the user who started the associated workflow. Click Task Done to finish a task. This removes it from your task list.

    When the selected action is complete you are redirected to an appropriate page.