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Editing reported blog comments

The Visitor Feedback data list provides a single location for you to review and edit comments made to blog articles on the Quick Start website. Reported comments are indicated by the value true in the Comment has been flagged column.

When reviewing flagged comments, the manager can choose to edit or reinstate the comment.

This task assumes you are in the Data Lists page component of the Quick Start site and the Visitor Feedback list is displayed.
  1. In the Visitor Feedback list, locate a flagged comment.

    A value of true in the Comment has been flagged column distinguishes a comment as having been reported.

  2. Position your cursor over the comment of interest to display the available actions and click the Edit icon in the Actions column.

    The Edit Data Item page appears displaying the details for the selected item.

  3. Edit the comment as desired.
    1. Deselect the Comment has been flagged checkbox to reinstate the comment on the website.
    2. Edit the Visitor’s Comment as necessary.
  4. Click Save.

    The comment is updated on the Quick Start website.