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Managing comments on blog posts

When a visitor to the Quick Start website posts a comment on a blog article, that comment is displayed on the website for all to see. If any website visitor finds the posted comment to be inappropriate or offensive, they have the option of reporting the post.

The report this post action flags the comment in the Visitor Feedback data list in Share so that it can be reviewed and managed. This may involve editing the comment, reinstating it, or deleting it completely.

On the website, a reported entry remains visible but displays only the name of the visitor who posted the comment and the date/time it was posted. The comment content is replaced with the text *** This comment has been removed. ***.

The tasks in this section assume you have submitted comments on both blog posts and the Contact page of the Quick Start demo website.
  1. Navigate to the Data Lists page component of the Quick Start Share site.

    Note: If the Data Lists component does not appear on the site banner, use the Customize Site feature to add this component to the site.
  2. In the browsing pane, click the Visitor Feedback list for the Web Quick Start Editorial site.

    The main view displays the Visitor Feedback list containing all comments made by website visitors. All information provided on the website forms is included in the data list, as well as some additional data.

    The value in the Type of Feedback column indicates the origin of the comment: the value Comment indicates a blog post comment and the value Contact Request indicates a submission on the Contact page.

    The value true in the Comment has been flagged column indicates that a blog comment has been reported by a website visitor.

    The Relevant Asset column indicates the web asset with which the comment is associated.

  3. View the website comments and manage them as appropriate.