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Customizing a site

Once you've created a site you can customize it to add extra features.
Each new site contains a library, and the site manager can add other features, such as a wiki, a blog, and a calendar. These features can be further customized by renaming, and creating a theme or color scheme.
  1. Enter your site.
  2. Click then Customize Site.
  3. Choose a site theme.
  4. Drag and drop pages from the Available Site Pages to the Current Site Pages to add them to the site.

    You have to move the pages one at a time. You can drag the pages around to reorder them the way you want to see them in the site.

    Note: You can Rename pages or Remove them from a site - each of the Current Site Pages displays the option to do this.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.
The site dashboard displays the new theme, if one was selected. You can select the new pages by clicking More on the dashboard.
With the site customized you can now customize the site dashboard to display information that's relevant to the site.