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Subscribing to an RSS feed

There are several places in Alfresco where you can subscribe to RSS feeds. These feeds let you automatically receive regular updates on various activities.

You can subscribe to an RSS Feed in the following places:

  • Wiki
  • Blog
  • Document Library
  • Links
  • Discussions forum
  • My Activities dashlet on your personal dashboard
  • Site Activities dashlet on the site dashboard

An RSS Feed button or icon shows you where the feeds are available.

  1. Click the RSS Feed button or icon next to a feed you want to subscribe to.

    This initiates the subscription process. What you see next depends on the browser you're using.

  2. Choose to subscribe to the feed.
  3. Select where you want to store the feed, then subscribe to it.

    Tip: RSS feeds credentials are stored by the browser you're using and not Alfresco. As such it's recommended that you close your browser after logging out of Alfresco and / or lock your computer while you're away from it.