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Changing the space appearance

You can set the preferred view for displaying spaces and content in the working area.

The current view is displayed in the space header with the View icon, Select View, to its left. You can also specify the number of spaces and content items to display on each pane.

The view configuration applied to the working area remains in effect for the duration of your session or until you reconfigure the view.

  1. In the space header, click the current view to display the view options.
  2. Click the desired view:
    • Details View: Displays lists of space and content items with details information, and a small icon that identifies the type of content or space. Click the column headings to sort the items by name, description, created date, or modified date.
    • Icon View (default): Displays the space and content items as large icons, with their name, description, size, and creation date. You cannot sort the items in this view.
    • Browse View: Displays large icons for space and content items with the item's name and description. If a space contains sub spaces, up to three are displayed.
    • Custom View: Displays the space using the template selected as the custom view. This option is available only when a custom view has been defined for a space.
  3. To change the number of items displayed on the Browse Spaces or Content Items pane, enter the number of items to display in the Items Per Page box and press ENTER.