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Adding a category link to a content item

Link a content item to a category to classify that item.
  1. Navigate to the content item you want to categorize and click View Details(View Details) for that item.
  2. In the Category pane, click Expand to expand the pane, if it is not open.
  3. If the content has not been categorized before, click Allow categorization.
  4. Click Change Category(Change Category).
  5. In the Modify categories pane, click Select and then Click here to select a Category.
  6. Navigate the list of categories and click Add(Add) to select the desired category.

    The selected category is displayed in the pane.

  7. Click Add to List.

    The category selected appears in the Selected categories list.

  8. Add more categories in the same manner, as desired.
  9. Click OK when all categories have been added.