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Specifying your preferences

The User Profile feature enables you to set general preferences for your view of the application.

You can customize the following settings:

Start Location
Specify the space you would like the application to display when you log in.
Interface Language
Specify in which language you would like to view the interface.
Content Language
Specify the preferred language for multilingual properties (metadata) and translations of documents. By default, the content language is set to All Languages, which means that all translations of a document are shown and that the interface language is used for multilingual properties. If a property or document is not available in the preferred content language, Alfresco tries to find an appropriate alternative.
Offline Editing
Ensure the option Automatically download files for offline editing is selected to initiate the download process automatically when you select the Edit Offline action for a content item.

To specify the general preferences:

  1. Click User Profile(User Profile) in the toolbar to display the User Profile and Settings page.
  2. In the General Preferences pane, select the desired settings.
  3. Click Close.