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Removing deleted items

Deleted items are still stored in the repository. You may want to permanently remove these items as a housekeeping activity.
  1. Click User Profile(User Profile) in the toolbar to display the User Profile and Settings page.
  2. In the Management pane, click Manage Deleted Items.

    The Manage Deleted Items page appears.

  3. Locate the item you want to remove in one of the three following ways:
    • Type the name of the item and click Search by Name.
    • Type the content and click Search by Content.
    • Leave the search box blank and click Show All.

    The results list displays. If the search returns too many items, you can filter by date or owner.

  4. In the Actions list, click Delete(Delete).

    To delete all items listed, click Delete Listed Items. To delete all items in the deleted file store, click Delete All Items in the More Actions menu.

  5. Click Yes to confirm your selection.

    You return to the Manage Deleted Items page.

  6. Click Close to return to the User Profile and Settings page.