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Inviting users to a space for collaboration

To collaborate with others on content, you must invite them to the space and define the roles they will play. When you do this, you are setting permissions for the space.
You can invite both individual users and user groups to a space. By default, users invited to a space are invited as guests.
  1. Navigate to the space to which you want to invite users.

    The space header displays the name and details of the selected space.

  2. In the More Actions menu, click Manage Space Users.
  3. On the Manage Space Users page, click Invite.

    The Invite Users Wizard opens.

  4. In Step One, Invite Users, select Users or Groups. In the search box, type the full or partial name of the user/group you want to invite and click Search.
  5. In the Results list, click to select the users/groups to invite.

    Use SHIFT to select multiple, consecutive items; use CTRL to select multiple, nonconsecutive items.

  6. In the Role list, click a role for the selected user(s)/group(s).
  7. Click Add to List.

    The selected user(s)/group(s) and their specified role are added to the list of invitees.

  8. Add additional invitees in the same manner, as required.

    To remove a user or group from this list, click Remove(Remove).

  9. Click Next once all users/groups have been added.
  10. In Step Two, Notify Users, choose one of the following options:
    • Click No if you do not want the invited users to be notified of the invitation by email.
    • Click Yes if you want the invited users to be notified of the invitation by email, then complete the Subject and Message boxes. You can write your own message, or select a template from the User Template menu and click Insert Template.
  11. Click Next.
  12. In Step Three, Summary, click Finish.

    The Manage Space Users page displays the invited users and groups for the current space.

  13. Click Close to return to the current space.