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Moving and copying a space

You can move or copy a space, and its contents, from one location to another.
Use the Cut feature to move the space and the Copy feature to copy the space.
Note: You can also move a space by accessing the space through your desktop and using the cut and paste features of your operating system. You can click Open Network Folder next to the space you want to open on your desktop. If you are using Firefox to browse Alfresco you will need to install an extension for this feature to work correctly.
  1. Navigate to the space you want to move or copy.

    The space header displays the name and details of the space to be moved or copied.

  2. In the More Actions menu, click Cut or Copy, as appropriate.

    The space is added to the clipboard in the Shelf.

  3. Navigate to the space where you want to paste the collected space.
  4. Make the Shelf visible in the sidebar, if it is not already.
  5. In the Clipboard, click Paste Item(Paste Item) to the right of the space you want to paste.

    If you selected Cut in step 2, the space has now been moved, in its entirety, to the new location. If you selected Copy in step 2, you now have two identical spaces in the repository.