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Creating a user

The New User Wizard enables you to create a new user, creating the user’s home space at the same time.

Only an Administrator can create a user.

Note: This functionality may not be available. Please contact your System Administrator for more details.
  1. In the toolbar, click Administration Console(Administration Console).
  2. Click Manage System Users.
  3. In the space header, click Create User.
  4. In Step One, Person Properties, enter information about the user being created and click Next.
  5. In Step Two, User Properties, provide user information and click Next.

    The password is case sensitive. You must provide a Home Space Name to create the user's home space.

  6. In Step Three, Summary, check that all information entered is correct and click Finish.

    To view the new user, use the search feature in the Users pane or click Show All.

  7. Click Close to return to the Administration Console.