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Removing a user from a user group

A user that has been added to a user group can be removed.

Only an Administrator can remove a user from a user group.

Note: This functionality may not be available. Please contact your System Administrator for more details.
  1. In the toolbar, click Administration Console(Administration Console).
  2. Click Manage User Groups.
  3. On the Groups Management page, use the search feature to locate a specific user group or click Show All to display the existing root, or top-level, groups.

    Note: If not already displayed, click Root Groups beneath the space header to return to the top-level group.
  4. Navigate to the user group you want to remove users from.

    The page header displays the name of the selected group.

  5. On the Groups Management page, click Remove(Remove) for the user you want to remove from the group.

    The user is removed without a prompt to confirm the action.

  6. Click Close to return to the Administration Console.