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Content auditing technical overview

The data producer org.alfresco.repo.audit.access.AccessAuditor gathers together lower events into user recognizable events. For example, the download or preview of content is recorded as a single read. Similarly the upload of a new version of a document is recorded as a single create version. By contrast the AuditMethodInterceptor data producer typically would record multiple events.

Default audit filter settings are provided for the AccessAuditor data producer, so that internal events are not reported. These settings can be customized (by setting global properties) to include or exclude auditing of specific areas of the repository, users or some other value included in the audit data created by AccessAuditor.

No additional functionality is provided for the retrieval of persisted audit data, as all data is stored in the standard way, and so is accessible using the AuditService search, audit web scripts, and database queries.