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Example rootPath and auditMap

The last component in the rootPath is considered by the AuditFilter to be the event action. The keys in an audit map identify each audit value. Global properties can be defined to accept or reject each value. If any value in an audit map is rejected, the whole map is rejected. So that one does not have to define too many properties, a default event action property can be defined. This will be inherited by all actions unless a property is defined for a particular event action.

    "action"         => "MOVE"
    "node"           => "workspace://SpacesStore/90a398d1-8e0d-462a-8c3b-f0b17a2d1143"
    "move/from/node" => "workspace://SpacesStore/a82446e9-4dca-49d2-9ce0-4526687fb310"
    "move/from/path" => "/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:fred/cm:documentLibrary/cm:folder1"
    "move/from/type" => "cm:folder"
    "move/to/node"   => "workspace://SpacesStore/517bd4d0-99bc-47ad-8cd7-5d425f94c7db"
    "move/to/path"   => "/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:fred/cm:documentLibrary"
    "move/to/type"   => "cm:folder"
    "path"           => "/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:fred/cm:documentLibrary/cm:Word 123.docx"
    "sub-actions"    => "moveNode readContent"
    "type"           => "cm:content"
    "user"           => "admin"