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Share Extension Points

This section introduces you to the supported extension points in the Alfresco Share web application.

An extension point is an interface that a developer can use to customize the Alfresco Share web application in a supported way. There are a number of extension points that can be used to do things like adding custom pages, hiding content on existing pages, display custom metadata, modify the menu etc. To fully understand the extension points it is a good idea to first read through the Share Architecture section.

The Share extension points can be grouped into three different categories:

  • Declarative - XML configuration that requires no coding
  • Programmatic - Code that adds new functionality
  • Override - Code that overrides default behaviour of Alfresco Share

The following table lists all the extension points that are available to you when customization the Share web application:

Extension Point Name Category
Share Configuration Declarative
Form Controls Programmatic
Form Filters Programmatic
Form Field Validation Handlers Programmatic
Evaluators Declarative and Programmatic
Site Presets Declarative
Share Themes Declarative
Document Library Declarative and Programmatic
Surf Extension Modules Declarative and Programmatic
Surf Web Scripts Declarative and Programmatic
Surf Web Script JavaScript Root Objects Programmatic
Surf Pages Declarative and Programmatic
Surf Dashlets Declarative and Programmatic
Surf Widgets Programmatic
Aikau Menus Programmatic
Aikau Pages Declarative and Programmatic
Aikau Dashlets Declarative and Programmatic
Aikau Widgets Programmatic
Modifying OOTB Surf Pages Override
Modifying OOTB Surf Dashlets Override
Modifying OOTB Surf Widgets Override
Modifying OOTB Aikau Pages Override
Modifying OOTB Aikau Dashlets Override
Modifying OOTB Aikau Widgets Override
Modifying OOTB Surf Web Scripts Override

Note that the table has links to each Extension Point section.