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Alfresco repository extension points

Building custom content-driven web applications involves modeling semantic content inside the repository and then wrapping business logic around the content to provide lifecycle, rendering, and, eventually, publication to a website.

Some common extension points include:

  • Content models
  • Content behavior
  • Process definitions
  • Workflow models
  • Actions

The Alfresco repository has many other additional extension points. You can define custom transformers that convert a document of a source file type to a destination file type. For example, you might plug in a transformer that converts an MPEG video file to an audio output stream. You could then push both of these files to a web server for delivery.

You can define custom metadata extractors responsible for interrogating the content and pulling out metadata fields. For example, you can write a metadata extractor that extracts values from a custom file format and places it onto Alfresco metadata properties. You can then search on these properties or fire off custom business logic.

You can also define custom template and scripting variables for extending the Alfresco repository using server-side JavaScript and FreeMarker. See the section on Web Scripts for further information.