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Encrypting configuration properties

The file holds configuration properties that contain sensitive information or passwords, such as db.password. This section provides information on the properties that are encryptable and the process to encrypt them using the Alfresco Encrypted Properties Management Tool.
Important: Boolean properties, number properties, and properties that contain expressions cannot be encrypted. Alfresco One 5.0 provides support for encrypting the following configuration properties:
  • dir.root
  • db.driver
  • db.username
  • db.password
  • db.pool.validate.query
  • ooo.exe
  • swf.exe
  • swf.languagedir
  • jodconverter.officeHome
  • alfresco_user_store.adminpassword
  • dir.license.external
  • cryptodoc.jce.keystore.path
  • cryptodoc.jce.keystore.password
  • cryptodoc.jce.key.aliases
  • cryptodoc.jce.key.passwords