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CIFS file server properties

The following properties can be configured for the SMB/CIFS server.
Enables or disables the CIFS server.
Specifies the host name for the Alfresco CIFS server. If Alfresco is installed on a Windows server, the name of the machine must not exceed 14 characters and must be unique on the network. Use the special token ${localname} in place of the local server's host name and you can generate a unique name by prepending/appending to it, for example, ${localname}A. The combined ${localname} value must not exceed 15 characters.

On Windows systems, the value of this property must be different from the server's host name, it should resolve to the same IP address as the server, and must be different from any other host name on the network.

An optional property. When not empty, specifies the domain or workgroup to which the server belongs. This defaults to the domain/workgroup of the server, if not specified.
Enables announcement of the CIFS server to the local domain/workgroup so that it shows up in Network Places/Network Neighborhood. The default value is true.
Specifies the CIFS session timeout value in seconds. The default session timeout is 15 minutes (900 seconds). If no I/O occurs on the session within this time then the session will be closed by the server. Windows clients send keep-alive requests, usually within 15 minutes.