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Library view options

The Options menu in the Document Library lets you customize how you view Alfresco content.

The default view for the library is Detailed View. This view displays the basic details for each file or folder as well as a thumbnail, description, tags, and social features (Favorite, Like, Comment, and Share). Simple View just displays the basic details..

You can use the other view options to get a more visual representation of site content, or to view content in a more basic table format.

At the bottom of the Options menu you can click to Set or Remove the current view as the default view for the folder you're in.

In all viewing options, just click an file name to open the file preview screen. Click a folder name to open that folder so you can view its contents.

With Media View and Audio View you'll see extra file information.

If you select one of the more visually rich views, the way you interact with content changes slightly. Here are some useful features you'll find in these views.

Resize the thumbnails
Size slider
Use the resizing bar to make the thumbnails larger and smaller. This lets you choose how much detail you see in the main view so you can either quickly scan many smaller images or preview larger ones without needing to view the details page.
Display the information panel
Click the Information icon Information icon to display content details and available actions.
Select content
Click the check box on an item or folder to select it. In Gallery View you can select multiple items, in Filmstrip View just one.

In the Options menu you can also show and hide folders or the breadcrumb trail, switch to full screen or full window view

You can even set up an RSS Feed for the folder, see Subscribing to an RSS feed.