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Modify Alfresco applications

This topic describes the basic configuration updates you might want to do to customize Alfresco. It also lists the different properties files you can modify to apply configuration changes to Alfresco.
  • Updating system configuration parameters: You can configure Alfresco for your specific environment requirements either by using the Alfresco Admin Console, or by editing the file, or by using a JMX client.
  • Alfresco Share: A number of options are available to customize Alfresco Share. To configure Share, use the configuration file named share-config-custom.xml.
  • Solr configuration: When you install Alfresco, several Solr-related configuration files are made available to you. To configure Solr, use the configuration file named
Note: Remember not to use the default user names, URLs, or passwords with different environment.
Note: You can customize or scale up Alfresco to meet your login and security requirements. See Setting up Alfresco authentication and security for more information.