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Versioning service

The Versioning service manages versions of individual content nodes. To enable versioning behavior, you must apply the versionable aspect to the node.

Each version has a version number that is allocated sequentially and follows a similar strategy to Concurrent Versions System (CVS) version numbering. Generally, this version number is only used internally; the version label publicly identifies the version. The version label is calculated from the version number and gives a unique label for the version. This label is placed in the versionable aspect to indicate the related current version for a node.

There are various methods relating to the Versioning service:

Create Version
Create a new version of the referenced node at the end of the appropriate version history. Create a version history as the initial version if the node has none.
Version History
Get the version history that relates to the referenced node.
Get Current Version
Get the current version for a referenced node.
Revert the state of a referenced node to that of a previous node.
Restore Version
Restore a previously deleted node from a version in its version history.
Delete Version History
Delete the version history for a versioned node.