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Search Manager

With the Search Manager you can see details of existing search filters and create new filters.
Note: Search Manager is available to users in the ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS and ALFRESCO_SEARCH_ADMINISTRATORS permissions groups.
The Search Manager is accessed from the search results screen. Just type a search in the search box and press Enter, then on the search results screen click Search Manager.
Note: Filtered search results can be bookmarked for quick and easy access.

All existing filters (including default filters) are shown along with their details, in the order that they are shown on the search results screen. You can change the order by using the buttons to move filters up or down the order.

Click Create New Filter to create new search filters.

Most of the filter details are can be edited by hovering over them and clicking the Configure icon icon that displays.

Filter ID
The unique filter ID. Click on this to edit any details.
Filter Name
The name of the filter shown in the search results screen. Default filters display the internationalized message key rather than the filter name that's shown on the search results screen.
Filter Property
The property or field that the filter is based on.
Filter Type
How the filter is displayed on the search results screen. The default option is Simple Filter.
Show with Search Results
Specifies if the filter is shown in the search results screen. Filters with this switched off aren't displayed. Default filters can't be deleted and must be switched off to hide them.
Default Filter
Specifies if the filter is a default or custom filter. Default filters are predefined and can't be deleted. You can hide them by switching off Show with Search Results.
Filter Availability
The site(s) where the filter is available.