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Process definitions

A process definition is a description of an execution flow in terms of activities. New processes are created and started for a process definition.

Process definition object

Property Type JSON Type Description
id id String The unique id of this process definition
key String String The key of this process definition
Version Number Nunber For process definitions with the same key, this is the version number
name String String The name of this process definition
category String String The category to which this process definition belongs
deploymentId String String The deployment of which this process definition is a part
title String String The title of this process definition
Description String String The description of this process definition
startFormResourceKey String String The start form key
graphicNotationDefined Boolean Boolean  

Example of a process definition object

  "id": "financialReport:1",
  "key": "financialReport",
  "version": 1,
  "name": "April financial report",
  "category": "",
  "deploymentId": "123",
  "title": "Financial report of the month April",
  "description": "Sample description",
  "startFormResourceKey": "wf:adhocTask",
  "graphicNotationDefined": true