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A favorite describes an Alfresco entity that a person has marked as a favorite. There are API calls for getting a list of a user's favorites, for getting a specific favorite, for adding a favorite, and for deleting a favorite.

Favorite object

Property Type JSON Type Description
targetGuid id string The guid of the object that is a favorite.
createdAt date time string The time the object was made a favorite.
target object object The object that is a favorite. This can be a site, a folder, or a file.

Example of a favorite object

      "targetGuid" : "54a924c0-d437-4482-8cbc-78c2995c83ae",
      "createdAt" : "2012-07-20T21:46:09.659+0000",
      "target": {
           "file" : {
           "id" : "54a924c0-d437-4482-8cbc-78c2995c83ae",
           "guid" : "54a924c0-d437-4482-8cbc-78c2995c83ae",
           "name" : "fred.txt",
           "title" : "Fred Bloggs's Document",
           "description" : "This is Fred’s resume",
           "createdAt" : "2013-01-09T13:23:07.894-05:00",
           "modifiedAt" : "2013-01-16T15:41:35.265-05:00",
           "createdBy" : "", 
           "modifiedBy" : "", 
           "mimeType" : "text/plain",
           "sizeInBytes" : "1024",
           "versionLabel" : "1.0"

List order

Lists of these entities are returned ordered by ascending target/type, and then by descending createdAt date.