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Request URL format for on-premise Alfresco

Each request to an Alfresco on-premise repository is a URL with a specific format.

This is an example of a request URL


Each request URL is made up of the following elements:

  1. The protocol, which will always be https
  2. The hostname. This will be the host and port number of your alfresco instance. So if your Alfresco instance is running on the local machine on port 8080 this will be localhost:8080.
  3. The fixed string -default-.
  4. The fixed path element /public/
  5. The API you want to call. You call the workflow API for methods acting on workflow entities such as Deployments, Process Definitions, Processes, and Tasks. You call the alfresco API for methods acting on all other entities. In this case it is the Alfresco REST API identified as /public/alfresco.
  6. /versions/n. This specifies the version of the API you are using. n will always be 1.
  7. The API method itself. In this case the request is for all instances of the entity type sites.